Day 4 – 27/06/2014 – London to Madrid

On the flight to Madrid. I have the aisle seat, Sarah’s asleep in the middle and a red haired Spanish man is on the window. Sarah was asking him to teach her Spanish words to ease our communication in the country. She wrote then down in my notes. It’s not the Oxford Dictionary, but it will help.

In many ways I was sad to leave London. There was much about it I loved. The grand streets, the friendly people, the history. In other ways I was ready to leave. It had been four days and the accommodation we stayed in was terrible. The room was tolerable, it was more so the location. Also my feet were aching from all the walking we’d done. I need to purchase new footwear, if my feet are to survive the rest of the trip. The weather has also been a difficulty. I came to Europe in the hope of enjoying hot stuffy nights. All I got was cold winds and heavy breezes. Last night especially was awful. We had dinner at canary Wharf and on the way back to the hotel, almost froze to death.

I will return to London, and do it differently and better the second time around.

Today Sarah and I got up early and went to the Borough Markets. A slightly hidden market place near London Bridge. There are many stands of food from different parts of the world. Cheese and cakes and meats. We ended having an English Breakfast in a stand that also provided seating. It was the usual kind, bacon, eggs, sausage, and something I’d never heard of prior, bubble. Sarah and I were confused so an old, respectable looking English couple chose to explain that it was basically a mash of left overs. I was sceptical but the lady said it was very nice, so we tried it and she was right.

After the Borough Markets, Sarah went to the Tate Modern Museum and I went in search of a book store. I entered into Foyles, apparently the Dymocks of British booksellers. Dymocks has nothing on it. It was five stories and I found an entire section of books on English and British history. I sat there for about two hours going through book after book. Obviously not buying, but sampling and then taking photos, to remind my self to buy them when I get home. Books on Thomas Becket, Henry II, Edward II, the Anglo-Saxons and the formation of the English Kingdom. If only they had places like this in Australia.

Surrounding Foyles, which is next to Trafalgar Square, were many antique book stores. There wasn’t much that interested me there, except a first edition Wolf Hall. I got excited when I saw the price, ¬£300, thinking it was a signed copy. It wasn’t. I was disappointed, and bemused at the price. Wolf Hall is a brilliant book, but surely a first edition is not worth that much!

I eventually got my foot massage. It was greatly relaxing and my feet do feel a little better. Not too much though.

London I will be back. Madrid here I come!

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